Once we had love…then it slipped right through our hands.


For Llama! I know she is missing her game, and what better way to cheer someone up then make them smile and cry all at the same time. Hope you like it!! n.n

i’m not crying there’s just something in my eye, like a twig or a branch or something

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the gangs back together look at all these DORKS

the gangs back together look at all these DORKS


WORKING on a rainbowportraits (finally!!!!)!! im so excited look how cute limey is



so i made these! two different colored eyes, for my defaults: the bright eyes!

they work with the bright eyes defaults and they categorize as glasses. you might have to mess around with the eye whites, because no matter what i tried they didn’t seem to want to go away, so do with that what you will.

credit goes to esmeraldaf for the originals, miniie for the bright eyes texture, and LGP for the oh my tiffany version. i didn’t change the name, i tried and it screwed things up and i’m too tired to fix it >.< so.

[download] [mediafire is screwy with me so, alternate]

enjoy! :)

updated the links, i was told the original file was taken down so i re-uploaded them

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POSTED • Feb. 24, 2014
borrinq asked:
I have a question.. when i go to download a pose it won't work how do i make them work? It just comes out as a word document?


Anonymous asked:
personally i love different and I'm surprised that post you put up doesn't have more notes. different was and still is regular reading material for me and i totally appreciate that you need to take time to think about your writing. just know that whenever you're ready, the readers are here, and we'll support you no matter what. and if all else fails, i am.

i alMOSt didn’t want to publish this bc it’s so nice to keep in my inbox but holy hell who are you you amazing creature let me loVE YOU ahhhh thank you sosososo much ;u; you’re so sweet i love you!!!



POSTED • Oct. 26, 2013
Anonymous asked:
asdfghjkl I miss your legacy posts! <3 I hope you`re still doing it, but take your time.

oHHH my gosh I totally forgot to answer this but thank you!!! I’m taking a longer unofficial hiatus because school and everything is really stressful and I don’t find my story as fun any more but messages like this are what motivate me to keep doing it!!! thank u man!!! ily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked:
Hey Lllama, just curious but which default skin to use?

it depends really! my defaults are a mix of Lemonleaf and Ephemera

here are some good skins just mess around till you find what you like :)

POSTED • Oct. 7, 2013

i literally run like 8,000 blogs so if i ever accidentally reblog something here please just tell me